Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crochet Boob Hat, Yes, I Said Boob

My aunt tagged me in a share of this hat on Facebook the other day.  It is meant to be worn by babies while breast feeding as a funny commentary or just as a prank on everyone who happens to notice.  I don't know.  It is very cute, though.  I wish I would have thought of it back when I was nursing, 14 years ago.  She asked me if I could make one for her new granddaughter, my cousin, since I crochet and she doesn't.  My aunt is a very talented knitter, but for whatever reason has never got the hang of crochet.  I found an awesome pattern:
This one is way cuter than the one in the facebook post pictures, and easier to crochet, I think.  The author of this pattern is so helpful with the color change tutorial and pictures.  I love it. I had to learn a new technique for this hat.  It is called a "magic ring."  I looked up a wonderful youtube video:
 Also, the author of the pattern explained in detail, with pictures, how to change colors and make the transition neat and tidy.  It was a great help.
My aunt wanted one of these hats so bad that she bought me some yarn and brought it over.  It is really great, soft snugly yarn.  When she told me about it she said cotton yarn, and I was picturing the classic dish cloth cotton.  This is very different. It is bulky recommending on the package the use of a size J crochet hook.
The two colors are perfect, and it appears that she got a very good deal, with them being on clearance.

The pattern is written for Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn and recommends size G or H crochet hook, but I decided to just use a size J like the yarn label suggested.  I hate trying to crochet bulky yarns with a too-small hook.  I crocheted the smallest size (0 - 3 month) and it came out about right for a 9 - 12 month old, I think.  It definitely isn't big enough for me.

Here is a close up of the "nipple."  The magic ring starting technique gets rid of the hole that usually results from starting crocheting in the round with a chain ring.  I made my husband, Heath, laugh while he was on the phone by miming certain actions with this hat while I was working on it. The shape is very nice and sturdy, requiring no additional shaping besides following the pattern for stitches.

Here is the finished hat again.  Lyra, my baby cousin, probably won't be able to wear it right away, but if she is a big head like the rest of my side of her family, it won't be long.  Even if she isn't a big head she should be able to wear it before she turns one.

There might be enough yarn left to make another one. I think I might try to make a smaller sized one.  Have a fun day.


  1. Oh my gosh you had time to make it? Oh lordy it is even cuter than I imagined! I am giggling like a loon. I had Miss Lyra last night, and we could have had fun taking pictures!

    1. I didn't finish it until about midnight. Actually, I finished sewing in the ends this morning, so we didn't miss out on picture taking. Also, it is probably a bit big for her right now. I will bring it by the shop later.